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Neousys Nuvo-2500 MAIO Seemlessly Integrates with MERLIC

posted Nov 2, 2015, 6:05 PM by Raymond Hsu   [ updated Nov 4, 2015, 6:23 PM ]

MERLIC is an all-in-one software product for quickly building machine vision applications without programming. It is based on MVTec's extensive machine vision expertise and combines reliable, fast performance with ease of use.” (from: http://www.mvtec.com/products/merlic/)

Another article focuses on how easy to create an machine vision application with MERLIC, This article shows the integration of Neousys Nuvo-2500 MAIO with MERLIC. Like Halcon from the same vender MVTec, MERLIC provides an interface for integrating 3rd party digital I/O cards. By default, ADLINK, Advantech, Contec and NI are supported. If cards from those company are installed in the vision computers, users can directly access to the DI/O channels in the MERLIC software without programming. Now Neousys seamlessly integrates its MAIO, multi-function automation I/O, on Nuvo-2500 with MERLIC. With the provided DLL file, dynamic link library file, MERLIC automatically identifies Nuvo-2500 when the Digital I/O Communication Tool is used shown in the figure.
MAIO integrate with MERLIC
MAIO, as an option of Nuvo-2500, provides on-board 4 isolated DIs and 8 isolated DOs, and can be used as a single bit channel, such as di_0.0, do_0.0, and also as a whole port channel, such as di_0.0-3 and do_0.0-7. They are shown in the following pictures.
Furthermore, integrating PWM, pulse-width modulation, outputs of MAIO into MERLIC has been done as a proof of concept. However, in MERLIC, the interface is for digital I/Os, which have only one property, i.e. on and off. It’s not sufficient for PWM output, which needs at least a frequency and a duty cycle. In this proof-of-concept, we hard coded the frequency of the PWM outputs and leave duty cycle as the only parameter in MERLIC DI/O Tool as shown in the figure.
An MERLIC project has been implement for test purpose on Nuvo-2500. In this project, di_0.3 acts as auto-run button, and do_0.2 simulates an output for an ejector. We use the example images from MERLIC and reading the bar code of MAC address as a criteria of good or bad. The following picture shows image-centered tool follow (left) and the frontend panel (right).
MERLIC Front-end Panel
The integration of Neousys products with MERLIC is now available only for MAIO on Nuvo-2500. And by default only DI and DO are implemented. For further request on PWM outputs, voltage inputs and encoder inputs of MAIO and other Neousys products, please contact with Neousys