Connect to IGT-20 via Console Port

This article describes how to connect IGT-20 via console port


To connect and log in to IGT-20, we’ll need to prepare the following items:

  • IGT-20
  • 10-pin terminal
  • Power supply unit, PSU
  • Open end to female DB-9 cable
  • A console client with RS-232 port

Of course, we will need a IGT-20 and a proper PSU. IGT-20 accepts a wide DC input range from 8 to 25 VDC. A PSU with output between this range usually works fine. The console port of IGT-20 runs via RS-232, and locates at the connector X1 with a 10-pin terminal block which is shipped with IGT-20. And thus we need an open-end DB-9 cable to connect from X1 to a COM port on the console client, which is usually a PC or laptop.


Connect the open end of the DB-9 cable to the 10-pin terminal block as the following figure. And push this terminal block into X1 of IGT-20, while the DB-9 into the COM port of the host.

The DC input connector is a 3-pin terminal block. Connect it to PSU as the following figure.

Login with PuTTY

PuTTY is commonly used console client software running on Windows and Linux. Information can be found here. Assume that PuTTY is well installed on the client PC with COM port connected to IGT-20 as described earlier, open this PuTTY application.

Since we are going to connect to IGT-20 via COM, click “Serial” in the Category box to the left of the window.

Assign the communication parameters, i.e. Speed, Data bits, Stop bits, Parity and Flow control, as shown in the figure right above. The box “Serial line to connect to” has to been fitted with the correct COM port notation. This figure was taken in Windows. The value might be something like “/dev/ttyS1” in Linux.

After communication parameters are assigned, click “Session” to back to the previous window, and then choose the Connection type to “Serial”. At this moment, PuTTY looks like the following figure except that the Serial line might be different depending on which COM port is used.

Now click Open to start the communication. If everything is fine, a console window will pop up.

There is no any content shown because IGT-20 has not yet powered up. After turn it on, we can see messages passing by for a while, and come to the login prompt eventually.

Type “root” here and then hit Enter. You’ll get into the default shell of IGT-20 and enjoy.


It’s strongly advised to change the password after initial login for the sake of system security.

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