How to Modify Static IP Address of IGT-20

The pre-installed Debian of IGT-20 is provided with ConnMan and already configured with a static IP by default. With the factory configuration, i.e. no other networking modification being done, the Static IP Address can be changed by editing ConnMan configuration file. The configuration file can be opened with the following command:

root@igt20:~# nano /var/lib/connman/*cable/settings

The content of this configuration file looks like


where ############ is the MAC address of each IGT-20. If something similar is not shown, probably the default configuration has been modified already. Another approach will be better for this situation, please press ctrl-x and then enter “No” to exit the editor without saving. Assume that everything is identical except the mentioned MAC address, just modify the red numbers shown above according to your network environment.

An valid IP address configuration is composed of 3 parts, the IP address, the subnet mask and the gateway address. If you have difficulties getting these three parameters, please consult your IT people. Once the parameters are clear, assign the IP address to IPv4.local_address, the subnet mask to IPv4.netmask_prefixlen and gateway IP address to IPv4.gateway. After that, press ctrl-x and then enter “Yes” to save your modification, exit the editor and go back to command line prompt.

Be sure that your networking configuration is correct because the improper settings will keep you away from connecting to IGT-20 with SSH again after ConnMan service is restarted. To restart the ConnMan service, enter the following command via the command line:

root@igt20:~# systemctl restart connman

If you connect to IGT-20 with SSH, you’ll need to reconnect to IGT-20 according to new configuration including the host with proper networking configuration. If the new SSH can be established, congratulation you’re all set. If not, you’ll need to login via the console port to check your network configuration.

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